Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Under the weather

Whew! I am back! I've been under the weather, a sore throat, pounding headache, so tired! I am feeling ok today, and decided I couldn't neglect the house any longer!

I admit to feeling panicked about not being ready for Father's Day. I usually try to do something special or memorable but since I am still not feeling well I am experiencing a lack of creativity. I do have a few ideas that I mapped out prior to the junk I caught from my wonderful husband :) but even those ideas won't cement in my mind, I am having trouble putting 2 ideas together! He might get only a card this year!
I am also struggling with a page that is due tomorrow, I am in this contest and just cannot find the gumption to scrap the page I need! MAybe it will come to me this evening...if not, I'm doomed!

I'll let you know if any inspiration comes to me!