Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'll start with my Kid's Say :)
Today Payton told everyone her name was Micheal, I told her if she did that people would think she was a boy, and she said, "I'm not a boy, I'm an American."

We were teasing Halle with her balloon, hitting it between the two of us, she tried to get it but couldn't, stopped, looked Brian right in the eye and said, "Dad, this is not an option" and took her balloon.

Yesterday Halle looked at me and said, "Mom you're an ugly girl." I said, "what does that mean?" she said, "toads are ugly"

Today at Costco Payton told the boxer lady, "you're foolish"

Brian came home from work yesterday and Halle said, "Dad I want Sketchers for my birthday, Twinkle Toes please." (I got these for her a few days ago)Her birthday is in July, she wants a pinata and My Little Pony things, which I find hilarious because when she was little she was afraid of them, I would show her the soft hair and she would scream! I had to put them away for awhile.

Here are 2 videos, 1 is of Parker crawling, or inching :) and 1 is a rough version of the girls song they are learning to sing to Brian for Father's Day.

Here are 3 pictures I took today, just looking at them makes me feel better! These were taken at my in-laws.