Monday, May 25, 2009

Sassy Pants

Oh have these girls gotten sassy!
No longer do I have the girls that were pleased to help me out when I asked, now it goes something like this:

Can you get me...
Get it yourself

Go up and go potty it's time for bed...
No, I won't

You need to finish eating your breakfast...
(spills it over the table and gives me a look like MAKE ME)

With Halle everything is a tragedy, anything that isn't what she wants to hear she melts down like butter to the ground screeching like an owl.

So what do I do?

I read something not too long ago that went something like this, "You spend most of your time as a parent putting out fires."

So the most effective ways we have found is noses in the corner, which is not completely effective when Payton melts when she gets into the corner and will not stand or face the corner.


A new method...

We got a magnet board for Christmas, it has an area for chores and then the weekdays to put magnets for accomplishing those chores. So Halle's chores are:

Make Bed
Brush Teeth
No Bad Language
Put Away Toys
No Whining
Load Washing Machine

Payton's are:
Help with pets
Use listening ears
Eat your meals
Put away dishes
Get dressed

So the girls are excited and asking how they can get more magnets.
I am willing to give it a try!