Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Relief only lasts so long

Well tonight is a night of celebration! The kids left at around 7:30 this evening!
But one good turn cannot keep things good for long!
The entire town of Winchester is COVERED in Carpenter Ants! I have been at my desk for 2 hours or so and have caught 5 on my desk alone! All through the house the girls are grabbing them, they are even on the ceilings! They are GROSS, and at first I put them outside now we are smushing them to pieces! Brian said that there is NOTHING to do about them, but they are beyond words. Did I mention Payton is terrified of anything that crawls? Tonight I heard her from her bedroom screaming that there were ants on her floor. I went in there and there were 2! She was shaking so bad and squished into the corner on top of her bed, too bad if the wall wouldn't swallow her up! 30 minutes after she was still whimpering, "I don't like ants, I don't like spiders, I don't like ants."
So I am going to try and take a proactive approach, Brian swears a lot of things DON'T work but I am going to hopefully do my wifely duty and do a lot that may not work...for poor paytons sake!