Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We had a fantastic weekend! We celebrated our 7th Anniversary by having a nice meal out. It is funny to hear people's reactions. Some were, "WOW, it's really been that long?" and others are like, "BOY 7 is supposed to be a rough year..." like a warning or something... *shrug*

Yesterday we had to go to town, just Brian and I, I know 2 out of 3 days without the kids! Everyone was teasing Brian about the number of kids we are going to have :) and he always defers it to me! So yesterday I said, "He's the Maternal one, it's HIS Biological Clock that is ticking." He was SO embarrassed, but now he knows how I feel!

Brian has a meeting in Twin Falls the end of April so we are ALL going! I am excited to see my family! It is funny that I am already in the beginning stages of packing! We are also making a schedule of our events! I will be prepared!
The girls are already telling everyone that we are going to see Grandma Dixie and go to the zoo, they are also inviting everyone to come along!


Julie said...

We have to get together if you are heading down this way!!!