Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ok! Check this thing out! Be sure to read below to see how it works! WOW SO NEAT!

Award-Winning Green Gadgets
Photo courtesy of Greener Gadgets

2nd-Place Winner: Power-Hog

This power-consumption-metering piggy bank is designed to educate children about the energy cost associated with running electronics devices. Plug the tail into the outlet and the device into the snout; feed a coin to meter 30 minutes of use. Kids can use their allowance to turn on the TV or video game by feeding the Power-Hog with loose change. The Power-Hog meters consumption and blinks red when time is running out. It also helps parents meter the amount of time spent watching the tube.


Alaina and Kyle said...

Wow that is pretty neat. Who would of thought of such a thing.