Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poor Guy


I admit I am a complainer when I don't get my weekend nap :)
I know I should be grateful, but it's just not that kind of day...

This is always Brian's hectic time of the year.
For the past month or 2 he has been shopping for our residents and then wrapping the gifts, for 32 people that's a lot of work!

Today he went down to Lewiston to get a truck full of donated items.
It really fills me with the spirit of the season each year I see others giving.
So today he hauled it all inside and we sorted and then packed it back up and he took it to work.

It was a BUSY day for Brian and on top of a trip to Lewiston 4 trips out of the house to and from work and making dinner, wrapping presents and now taking care of the baby I'm the one in a bad mood, poor guy.