Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Funny

It sure is festive around here!

The magic that comes with the holiday season seems to lighten everything! I find I am laughing a bit more, maybe because the baby is sleeping better (knock on wood) or because of the season, I just had to share the happenings of our household...

I'll start with Halle:

We have this snowman toilet paper, I know SO cute! It really is for decoration! I put it on the back of the toilet to have a little bit of season to every room :) Halle is the only one not in diapers so I know she has been using the holiday paper :) I caught her once and I notice the roll getting smaller, I guess the chaffing is worth the holiday festivities :)

We were wrapping presents for Dad and I told Halle she couldn't tell. Brian walked in after work and Halle shouted, "DAD WE WRAPPED A PRESENT FOR YOU, IT'S UNDER THE TREE!" Brian said, "Ooh what is it?" and Halle, sweet Halle, she said, "It's...(puts her hand on her hip and finger in the air) I'm not gonna tell YOU, it's a surprise, wait until Christmas!"


She is so imaginative! Always pretending, sometimes it's not Payton we call to the table for dinner, lately it's Captain. HAHA
So she LOVES Backyardigans! They sing and dance and solve cases! Today she said, "Tyrone, look yonder at Dragon Mountain." of course she was talking to me and at the time she was in her, Captain's uniform-a 50's waitress dress, sun hat, pink leopard sunglasses, 1 flat play shoe and 1 heeled play shoe and usually a slim something the size of a pen tucked behind her ear. I know you don't believe me but it is HILARIOUS! and when she said yonder I busted up laughing!