Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday

WHEW! It has been so long!

We've had a BUSY few days! Halloween was FUN! It was a busy day but that night the girls had such a blast answering the door at Grandma's house. The doorbell would ring and the girls would scream and rush to the door with Grandma or Grandpa and from where I was sitting this is what I heard, "Oh my goodness! What you are? A witch, HOW cute! Happy Halloween!" (she sometimes waved and sometimes followed them out the door and down the steps) Grandpa said, "This is what it's all about!"

Saturday was AMAZING! Brian did some work in the morning and early afternoon I took a nap, a 5 hour nap! That night I was up every half hour thinking I heard Parker :( how counterproductive!
On Sunday Brian had to do some work but when he got home I took ANOTHER nap! I miss naptime! It was GREAT! Then he made lunch and dinner! And then shampooed the carpets! Poor guy worked his bum off this weekend!

Here we are starting another week! I am thinking about the Holidays already! The girls are waiting for the lights at Locomotive Park, last year they were up the week before Thanksgiving, we are hoping for the same this weekend!
Here is a little FYI for those of you unfamiliar with Locomotive Park -
-On a cold winter night in Lewiston, Idaho, a dark and lonely park suddenly comes to life with lights, music and the sound of laughter - turning it into a winter wonderland. Visit Winter for more information. Lighting Ceremonies are always the Saturday before Thanksgiving and you can visit the lights through the first Saturday after New Year's Eve. You can visit the Locomotive and Caboose year round and enjoy picnicking for three seasons.

I'll hopefully post a little later with pictures!

Happy Monday

I'll leave you with a funny story:
Halle had gone upstairs to go potty and was taking a long time, I went up to check on her and caught her with her hands in the toilet *shutter* and asked her what she was doing, she replied, "I'm getting a disease."