Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Holidays are ALWAYS so hard for me, especially these next 2...They are the BIG family events and I am not with my side of the family. I miss them, even with these 4 little ones to chase after I still think about them and hold them in my heart!
My dear friend Laura came and spent the day today with her 2 little girls, IT WAS A MAD HOUSE! We, however, managed to get "our" time in! She is MONDO pregnant-not HUGE :) just MAJORLY and is experiencing early contractions, there were times when she would put up a finger in the middle of a sentence and take deep breathes...POOR GIRL! And I am SO selfish I was beaming that she was here! I miss her! It is just like Christmas when she's around!
SO speaking of CHRISTMAS! Laura and her WONDERFUL mom Jill made our ENTIRE family quilts! HOW WONDERFUL! We got 1 for our wedding 6 years ago from Laura and Jill and still fight over it :) Halle immediately handed them out and then put them in everyones room, I walked into her room for nap and her bed was PERFECTLY made, her new quilt with not a crease! Halle and Payton both threw their current blankets out into the hall :)
Thanks Jill and Laura! You are GREAT!

I'll end with a few pages :) A Fall page, a page of Parker and and oldie but goodie of our previous Puggle litter!


Jill said...

You are so welcome. It was great fun making them for your little family. :)

Anonymous said...

You are missed more than I can say little sister! I love you!