Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kids say and Home Update

I cannot believe some of the funniest things that have come out of Halle's mouth.

It has been a tough transition to being home, I knew it wouldn't be easy, but gathering the authority back is HARD work!
I really have had NO sleep at all and I am not too upset about it...surprises me I know! Poor Brian though, he gets all of the bad stuff, I love him!

Anyway my sleep deprived brain is wandering and I've developed an eye twitch HAHA but I am still loving home!

So back to Halle...She has a habit of throwing things when he gets angry and she gets in trouble for it, so last night she came up to me after serving her time and I said, "Halle why were you in time out?" She replied,"I threw things and money costs toys." I could not keep a straight face, she was SO solemn and Brian was sitting next to me and picked up the conversation, "Thats right Halle, toys cost money and if you break them we wont have them, and you dont have money to buy any more."

It was SO funny