Friday, September 26, 2008

New pictures and baby news

I dont think I posted these pictures so if I did I apologize in advance for showing off my beautiful girls more than once :)


I got my new camera at the end of last week. I feel like a SUPER spy! So sneaky, one of the lenses is long and I can see almost to the end of town NO KIDDING! Too bad I didnt have any neighbors worth taking pictures of like a celebrity, I am sure if I tried I could see into windows! HAHAHAHA


We are at the final countdown to BROTHER!
I will say I am a bit hesitant, not that this birthmom had anything to do with that, but that worry won't go away until Tuesday.

We are NOT ready. I have been dragging my feet not wanting to be too ready and now that only the weekend separates us there is SO much to do! So of course I am here typing away because when I get too overwhelmed I can't do anything!