Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cannot be captured on film

There are always those moments where you are just wishing for a camera or try for the camera only to miss the moment yourself...I have had a few of those moments myself these past few days and thought I would share them the best I can.

A: Mower down the slide
Halle thought she would take her bubble mower for a ride today and drug it up the stairs of the playhouse only to get it to the slide and chicken out. I told her that she could not walk it down the stairs because she would probably fall so she needed to send the mower down alone then follow but she insisted on keeping ahold and went down the slide holding the mower needless to say the mower hit her on the head and beat her down the slide but when she landed she still had ahold of it :)

B: Naked baby and the dog
Payton riding the dog like a horse without anything on!


Laura said...

Those are 2 things I wish I could have seen! hahaha