Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Girl Pants

So lately I've had a hard time finding my "Big Girl Pants" and also puting them on...
Everyone has those days I know but it seems better to just not do somethings but then when the time comes to "Get 'ER Done" it makes it that much harder because I'm that much more behind. I KNOW JUST DO IT! So we caught a skunk in our catch em alive trap-going for a raccoon but a stinky skunk surprised us this morning. Sprayed and well now with a skunk in the trap what is next? So we called the skunk guy in town and he said he'd come but I needed to cover the cage, COVER THE CAGE? What a day for Brian to be gone, SO I had to find those big girl pants and go cover that cage, I did it but now wearing the pants I see all the other things that need to be done OH THE AGONY! So I will say goodbye to get the work I've neglected finished before dinner...Wish me LUCK! Next time I'm hinding these pants in a more clever space!