Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 so far!

January was a speedy month for us! We announced our expectant arrival of a new baby in June! We played in the only snow we got that stuck, we tie dyed shirts on a day off of school.


 Payton being Payton

Payton being Payton going down the stairs in a box over and over again

Sofia and Payton in their finished shirts, Syd just wanted in the picture

The back of the house finished! Painted and cement poured.
Just what we wanted!

Dad got out the ball pit for Syd for the first time!

Sydney loves Merida from Brave

Parker enjoying ball pit fun

Parker giving me his Mom not another picture face

Payton's art project for art class

We loved a visit from Kristin and Leslie! Halle really enjoyed their visit!

Sofia lost her first tooth, shortly after she lost the one next to it.
Good thing because her two teeth were already in behind the baby teeth.

Sofia playing Basketball

Payton made a basket!

Parker batman!

Halle wanted Valentine hair!

Sydney giving the kitty some love in the snow

Dad was making Syd laugh!


We finished basketball. All 3 girls had a good time.
We are going to celebrate Payton's 7th birthday this week and Valentines Day. Brian spent some time at meetings in Boise and brought back some gifts :D Parker has been asking for Big Hands from Wreck It Ralph since before Christmas.
Here are some pictures from February!

Payton too quick!

Mom and Syd snuggling

We had 6 deer in the yard! We loved getting a close look!

Braids all done!

Mom at 20weeks, half way done!

Last day of basketball!
Payton being a good  guard!

Sofia getting in some practice gaming for her last day!

Parker in his big hands!

Halle being a great defensive player!

Another deer picture!

We are looking forward to planting our garden! In talks already about what and when we should plant!
Payton is going to play soccer this year on her way to fulfilling her deal with Mom. Play basketball, soccer and t-ball and she can do Karate next year! I think she will love it!
Halle is still trying to find her nitch. She said she was done with sports lol, but she does want to swim!
Sofia loves Kindergarten! She is very popular and loves school!
Parker is no longer the only boy in his class! He is adjusting to having a boy as a friend :D
Hopefully I'll blog a little better :)