Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I'm up too and PICTURES

I have been such a bad blogger lately!
I do have an EXCUSE though!
I am sure I have complained to you about my hectic schedule! I'll recap just in case:
I get the 2 oldest off at 8:30 then Sofia to school at noon. I get home and leave to get Payton at 2:30, then home to wait for Halle. 3:30 I load everyone up and head to get Sofia from Preschool...return home to make dinner and get homework done before bed was turning into terrible meals and a war!So that gave me the morning to get all of my housework done and quality time in with Parker and Sydney.
I was so behind and overwhelmed that I honestly some days did nothing because I was just numb!

My wonderful husband suggested that because we were unhappy with the schedule among other things that we take Sofia out of preschool. There is another school that is 3 days a week that would allow me to get Sofia at the same time as Payton so I only have to go out once, what a relief! We just started this schedule but I am already SOOOOOO happy!

I also just returned from a Spraguefest-a digital scrapbook conference in Las Vegas! I was gone for 4 days and it was AMAZING! I met and made many friends, came home refreshed, and learned some new tricks and tips!

I've started a 2nd blog too! Not a personal but a blog for parents and their parenting dilemmas!
Check it out!

Now what you've been waiting for!

The oasis at our hotel.
Beautiful ceiling at a neighboring hotel.
Another beautiful display inside a hotel.

Sydney and I needed to get outside after a few rainy days!
We had a fun time!

Family time at the park!