Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I LOVE Instagram!

I've wanted an iPhone forever. I LOVE my iPod and using it as my phone and iPod would just be the BEES KNEES!
Alas, until last month the area where I lived did not provide service for an iPhone so it just wasn't
a possibility.
I love apps. I am an app junkie!

Instagram is an App. It is a camera program that gives you
fun options to edit and publish your photos directly to email, Facebook, wherever!
My iPod was lost for a week!
Halle found it and I rewarded her with a quarter!
So I spent most of yesterday and today taking pictures!
They are not as good quality as my real camera, but more fun
for sure! Especially when you can spin the screen without holding out
your arm or turning it backwards!

So here are a few pictures of FUN!


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