Monday, July 4, 2011

"Camping" for the day in pictures

Life has been crazy around here! I will do a REAL post soon but here is an update in pictures of our trip to *3 Meadows?* I think that's where we went for Brian's family reunion.

Uncle Ed and the kiddos made noodles and then got to eat them!
The kids had a GREAT time!

This is Sydney's face most days. If you smile at her with your eyes closed or how Brian smiles if you've seen his smile, she copies him and it is hilarious! You do it to her she does it back.

Megan and Parker watched a chipmunk take a cracker from Sydney and runaway and eat it under a picnic table. Parker wanted to revenge the cracker.

Aunt Linda actually carried him around for awhile. When she got tired she tried to put him down and he hung on for dear life, she had to pry him off.

He found that ball right when we got there and carried it around all day.

Halle had grapes in her cheeks so Payton thought she needed to make a funny face too.

Sofia counted as Halle "raced" towards us. Sofia declared her the winner.