Friday, February 25, 2011

The price of "freedom"

I joke that when I get a day to go to town by myself I am being granted my "freedom". Sometimes I have to give my wonderful husband nudges, and other times a whack on the head with a skillet letting him know  I am desperate for some Mom time. Then there are days like today when out of the blue I get cut loose and of course don't say no to a babysitter and a little retail therapy along with meals I don't have to cook! Tonight made me question the price of "freedom". I knew the roads were bad. The high today was a HOT 22 degrees in town so at home maybe 15 or less! But I went anyway. I had lunch with my husband, did some shopping and ran some errands. I did go to a movie that started at 5 but wondered if that was a good idea seeing how I wouldn't get home until late. Yes, selfish me went to the movie anyway.
I talked to Brian and let him know I was leaving town, then I let him know when a cop passed me with it's lights on and he told me to drive safe.
I met that cop along with 5 other cops, 4 ambulances, and a fire truck about half way home. I was in the front of the line but couldn't see much. I was told, "the patients are being loaded up and you can be on your way soon."
After about 15 minutes we were let through one lane at a time. I saw a silver car on the left side of the road, it's front end smashed in. On the right side there was a white SUV tipping precariously over the edge of the road down towards the river, it's front end smashed up too. I continued on at 25 miles per hour and looked down at my temperature gauge and noticed it was 4 degrees. The road was a sheet of snow pack ice and I was vibrating so hard I couldn't hear the radio turned all the way up. I couldn't believe it when people started passing one another, didn't that sight shake them? Didn't they learn? I "stood" my ground and told each one that passed that if I saw them off the road ahead of me I was not going to stop, it would be their own fault. (I would have stopped but we won't tell them that) I made it home and the gauge in the car read -1 degree. I was so relieved to be home, safe and sound and told Brian that we may need to rethink our weekly trip to town tomorrow, I am not sure I want to risk it. He told me he was glad I hadn't left for home 5 minutes earlier, and that we'll see about town tomorrow...
Sure makes me question the price!