Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The culprit has been apprehended!

Awhile back we found this in the pantry...
Our first thought of who it could be was....
She is always stacking and sorting items, lining them up and making sure things stay in order.
These cups are used for odds and ends and not for drinking so I didn't think anything of it and stacked them back up and placed them back on the shelf. 

I guess I should have known that Payton wasn't the whodunnit when I saw the stool a few weeks later. Payton doesn't use stools, she climbs on the shelves :) if she can't reach but she can reach that shelf.
So tonight while I was baking my traditional "welcome home" cookies for Brian (he's been gone for a few days and we like to have warm cookies waiting for him when he returns :) this is what I found the first time I turned around.

(Both pairs of her glasses were broken and Dad wasn't home to fix them)
But isn't this face adorable?