Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're BACK with some photos

Can you believe it's been soooo long?

June was SUPER busy for us.
Halle and Payton did 2 weeks of swimming lessons. It was kind of tedious driving the 45 min each way for a 30 minute lesson but they LOVED it!
I went on a trip to Seattle and shopped til I dropped.
I had a 4D ultrasound done and got a peek at our little sweet pea, which was amazing!
We went down to Twin to see my family for the weekend and had a blast! The kids loved swimming in the hotel pool, bottle feeding the calf, everyone got to sit on a horse, and collecting chicken eggs at my Aunt and Uncles. We had a great birthday party for my grandparents and had a great time catching up.

I forgot to mention our new ride...That's right, our new family vehicle is a....
12 passenger van! Our Town and Country was too small to fit 5 kids in carseats and I didn't want to get a Suburban or anything like it because then we'd be climbing over seats to buckle and unbuckle. We drove the van down to Twin and it went well, access to everyone is nice!

We decided to spend this week home having some down time. But in actuality it has been me playing catch-up on laundry and housework :D

This weekend we plan on celebrating the 4th by attending our local parade and maybe a BBQ with the inlaws and a dip in a pool followed by fireworks.

My favorite 4D ultrasound picture

Halle on the horse assisted by Aunt Deb and Uncle Shawn

Payton and her chicken egg

Sofia feeding the goats

Parker loving Sallie

Parker and the calf