Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sofia says!

We like to lay on the floor as a family, most of the time it is cuddling or wrestling. I am being more careful and when Halle jumped on me I told her to be careful because she could hurt the baby. Sofia sat up and said, "where's ayexa?" I said, "she is talking about the baby in my belly." Sofia lifted up my shirt and said, "where?" I said, "under my skin, in here." She looked at me skeptically and said, "in your bum?" I laughed. She said, "In your beyyey button?" I said, "yes, under my belly button." She was SO cute! She cupped her hands and put her face down to my belly button and said, "baby come out! baby come out I want to see you!"
At my last appointment Payton was SUPER sad and a bit angry when I got home and said, "Where's the baby?" I said, "It's still in my belly, it has to stay in there until after Dad's birthday." I wish I could have taken a picture of her face :)

We are feeling a bit stir crazy these days! Halle is on Spring Break and is upset that she doesn't get to got on vacation or as she puts it, "an adventure!" No matter how much I remind her that we are headed for vacation the end of April she wants to go now! So it is up to me to figure out what kind of adventure we can have at home in boring Winchester :)