Monday, March 15, 2010

Hormones, Dates, and Plans!

I am definitely feeling the hormones this week! I am guessing it is a mix of cabin fever, emotional upheaval, and of course PREGNANCY :) WHEW!
I think the thing we will do is focus on the positives!
Brian and I will celebrate our 8th Anniversary next week! So this Friday we will go out to dinner because the BIG day is on a Monday. And on Saturday we are headed to THE BIG CITY for a day out! Hopefully for some maternity shopping, maybe some stress relief shopping :) and the most important time together! The drive is 3 hours each way, so we will have plenty of time in the car together without screaming, fighting, and singing to Barbie songs :)

Then April will be here!
We have 2 doctor appointments! The first is just the monthly appointment to make sure everything is on track, and then 2 weeks later we find out the gender and make sure the heart and brain are developed! Honestly at the last appointment I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I think that is when I started believing that I could actually have some hope for this pregnancy.

We hope to make the trek with Brian down to his meeting in Southern Idaho and visit the family! We are SUPER excited about that trip, we will go swimming, to the zoo, and play with ALL the cousins! Also see Grandparents GALORE!

Here's hoping for a better rest of the month!


DawLaneyBugsMom said...

I really miss you! I hope your trip to The Big City goes well!!