Monday, January 11, 2010

1st Post of 2010

I have been a BAD blogger!
WHEW it has been SUPER busy around here with Alexa and Holidays!

Alexa is not into a routine yet and for awhile she thought she needed to eat every 45 minutes. This past week has been better, with 3 hours between feedings.
The kids are still in love with her. Sofia always says, "I onna see baby 'exa, I hode her peas!"
Payton is still "Little Mother" and loves to be there for feedings, diaper changes, etc. When Alexa is awake Payton is my shadow. Not surprising because she did the same thing with Sofia and Parker.
Halle likes her but she really would rather pick out Alexa's clothes than coo over her.

Speaking of Halle. She loves to chose her own clothes, it does drive me crazy! Not matching, not weather appropriate! When she goes to school or to town I chose her clothes, a little victory for me! It is HARD for me to get a picture of her in her silly outfits, and most times she won't look at the camera or smile, tired of the camera she is!

We've been a bit down mourning the loss of our Sienna (dachshund). She turned a year this month and still not potty trained. Moving back home with all new carpet she just couldn't be trusted in the house. We found her a good home in CDA with a family that was thrilled to take her. The kids are a bit down when they remember she's gone but already talking about other things.

Here are a few photos. I haven't taken that many these past few weeks, who wants to take photos of naughty kids? :)

Not a great photo of Alexa but Sofia was ADORABLE

Christmas with Grandpa John and Grandma Cindy

She was blowing a kiss and holding Alexa at the same time.

This HAM wanted a picture of herself with her new blanket.

Just gas I know, but she is always smiling!