Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Subject :)

We have been SUPER busy unpacking and cleaning and just getting settled. I am happy to say I can see the light! I wanted to say, "who knew 6 people could have so much stuff?" then reread it and thought DUH! YES 6 people DO have a lot of stuff! Not to mention all of that recycled stuff, totes full of clothes that no longer fit, toys in age appropriate totes, bags of blankets...aye aye aye.

Brian and I went to town the other night and watched The Blind Side, it was a GREAT movie! I have no desire to see New Moon, when I reread the Twilight Saga I skip that book completely, I didn't enjoy it at all. However the previews to this new movie seems to be closer to the book than Twilight, I was VERY disappointed in that movie, and will stick to the books!
The girls are excited for The Princess and the Frog! I took Halle to the theater to see Up and it was previewed there, she hasn't stopped talking about it and now that the evidence is all over she squeals with delight! I too am excited, this will be the first African American Disney princess!
Speaking of Up, I love this movie :) I recommend it to everyone and even made our babysitters take it home :)

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of FAMILY! They will get here tomorrow evening! They can't stay long but we plan of having Thanksgiving Dinner and giving them the experience of Locomotive Park and it's Christmas lights! The girls talk about it all of the time when we drive by they ask for the lights :)

I do have to admit I am nervous about the upcoming adoption. Because of our previous experience I find my heart racing and clenching just thinking about it...I guess we will see where it takes us!

I cannot procrastinate cleaning any more! I'll hopefully post more pictures after the holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!