Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goings on and Pages

WHOA! It's been awhile!
I don't really have any updates on the construction project. The drywallers are there now, and we have an estimated time for moving back in around October 14.

So busy other goings on?

Sofia got glasses. She is adorable in them! She also melted my heart. I was trying to hold her on my lap so we could fit the glasses on her face and make all of the adjustments, she was telling me to put her down and let her go when the lady put the glasses on her face she stopped squirming at once! She just looked around in amazement. On the way out to the van she watched her feet and shuffled and stumbled a bit because she was so busy looking around! On the way home she never took her eyes off of the scenery. She exclaimed, "look mom, a tree!" I shared the entire experience with Brian and he just smiled and nodded, not really seeing the emotional side of it, then when he returned from a meeting she exclaimed, "look dad, a tree!" while sitting on his lap and looking out the window. Then he got it :)

Halle starts school tomorrow. Just Pre Kindergarten but still SCHOOL! I have to say, it being the night before I am not a bit sad that she is going, but maybe tomorrow it will be different. I don't say that to be insensitive or mock other parents. But I do have a bit more understanding. Working in Child Care we had to master the art of goodbyes between parents and children. Also, I will have 3 other kids at home :) so I won't be lonely. And finally it's only from 9:30-1:00 and I have plans :) I hope to work the kids schedule around that, get them to nap and wake in time to get Halle, so it is really more of a chore having to drive her the 8 miles each way days a week, working schedules out with Brian etc...

And I've been wrapped up in reading lately. I just finished a GRAND novel by Gerald N Lund called The Undaunted. A great historical fiction (based on a true story, but fiction) novel about the LDS pioneers, which of course everyone knows I have a soft spot for.
Before that I went through Twilight, Breaking Dawn, the last 10 chapters of Breaking Dawn again and The Host all by Stephenie Meyer (yes, in that order. I don't care for New Moon at all, and only parts of Eclipse)

We are gearing up for Parker's 1st birthday! He has 2 bottom teeth, drinking juice from a sippy but milk, not formula from a bottle until he turns 1, eats people food with gusto, and loves chasing his sisters. He is walking around using items to hold onto and stands by himself and claps so hard he falls down :)

Here are a few new pages. The first of Sofia in her new glasses!


Alaina and Kyle said...

Wow.. that is just amazing how powerful glasses can be to such a little one. How adorable and exciting for her!