Sunday, August 30, 2009

A grumble and some photos

What a crazy life!

We moved most of our stuff yesterday. Or I should say Brian and John moved us and I watched the kids and put things away.
Our house got concrete on Friday, a new patio for the backyard and the basement were filled in, also the front is getting a porch and a new placement of the door, for starters.

We had a family trip to Spokane on Friday. It was pretty trying but the best part of the entire day was at the end, Riverfront Park has a water feature you can play in, the girls had a ton of fun!

It has been to say the least HECTIC with all of the unpacking and keeping the kids out of trouble. A lot of melting down, and fits, and non sleeping going on. I hope it settles down!
Our new "rental" we are calling it because it is not our home, is a trailer with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The previous tenants were evicted so we had the pleasure of spending a day cleaning up their toilets, tubs, mouse nest under the burners etc. After all of the horrible stuff was cleaned we had someone else come in and finish. I don't want to sound ungrateful but I really feel that way. The doors have 5 inches between the floor and the door, so the kids hear every little sound, and they are sharing a room, which is hard because they are more devious in pairs. It doesn't help that I haven't had some peace and quiet for 2 weeks, but things will settle, right?

On the bright side, Payton starts ballet this week and Parker turns 1 this month, Halle also starts Pre Kindergarten! A busy month for us!
So to follow are pictures, pictures and more pictures! Did I mention I only get Internet a few minutes at a time every few days?

The basement BEFORE concrete floor

The patio before the concrete

Our carpet and floor choice

They dumped the tub in the middle of the driveway and left, but the porch frame is there, the front door will be where the window to the right is.
The basement
The patio-yes they took my doors, the house was infested with bugs and saw dust. I killed 8 bees in a matter of minutes, I cleaned sawdust off the kitchen table for 2 hours, I refused to stay any longer.

Halle getting ready for fun

The water feature at the park I talked about (and Payton)Waiting for Dad, doing what he does best!

The only casualty of our move, a metal food shelf and he got into a fight, it won, taking tissue with it, BLECHPayton wanted to say CHEESE


Laura said...

Oh man! That does not sound fun. I would have moved out too.

Love the pictures of the kiddos and I can't wait for our next trip up there to see the finished project. :)

Alaina and Kyle said... are crazy!! I know I went crazy remodeling my kitchen but my whole house!! You have more patience then I will ever have. The kids are adorable!