Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ramblings and Kids Say!

I know it's been SO long! I haven't taken my camera out in a long time, so no new pictures :) But because I am not taking pictures right now, I am at the end of a book that is #4 in a series of 4. Aww it is nice and mushy and historical, right up my alley! I did just realize that it is past midnight, so I have to finish it in the morning :) I was up until 1:30 or so this morning with the previous book. Yes, I have read them before, but each time I love them more!

So other than my obsession with books, our summer, well summer feeling weather has been pretty uneventful. We have no real plans for quite awhile. We would like to take Halle and Payton to Silverwood to the water park, but have to get our babysitters to watch Sofia and Parker. With Halle's birthday coming up, she has already started making suggestions for what kind of cake, and that she wants a pinata.

So tonight I SLAVED haha not really but spent 2 hours cooking dinner thinking it would be a hit and I was the only one that ate it! Brian was honest and said he didn't like it, and Halle and Payton claimed they were full. I guess Halle felt that I was dissapointed, she looked at me and said, "Mom I think you are the bestest cooker ever!" It was sweet. Then after baths Halle sat between Brian and I and told us stories. I will have to have Brian jog my brain but one was about a cop that was going to eat everyone because he had to clean the house and he had a big mouth...I'll think of it...

Brian and I were talking about money, and I was coming up with fun things to do, Brian was keeping the conversation age appropriate and said, "but we are poor and don't have any money" Halle jumped up and said, "dad yes we do!" she then ran to the cupboard where Brian's coin jar is and said, "See all that monies!" PRICELESS!
So a little later we were playing around and I said, "No you are just stubborn" to Brian when Halle jumped onto his lap and said,. "Mom he is not stubborn he is my bestest friend FREAKIN" So yes...sadly she picked up freakin from me. It is my bad word, I had just said it when I asked Brian to push on my back and he was being a little rough and hurt me, so I did it to him :) and I said, "See it freakin hurts!" (he is a clown and often goes too far for my conservative joking self).

So after Halle told her story for literally a half hour! Payton wanted in on the attention and her story went like this, "There was a teeny tiny dragon, that lived in a teeny tiny tree, and he roared like this ROAR!" and that was it! Short but sweet!

Ok now that it is almost 1 I am going to say goodnight and will hopefully be back with some pictures soon...

BTW I am CLUELESS on Father's Day YIKES!