Friday, April 3, 2009

Parker's 1st Haircut

Poor Parker...
He got his 1st haircut today at 6 months old.
He is bald in the back, heart shaped and ADORABLE! But he wraps his fingers in his hair and pulls or massages his hair and has pulled it it out! A few strands are knotted more than 5 times and stick straight out! Needless to say cutting only the ruined hairs would look funny so we buzzed him.
Here are the before and after pictures!
Yes I know at 6 months he is a lot chubby, Brian said that with his haircut he looks fat, I said, he is fat :)


shelby1232 said...

Hey Amanda, Love the new haircut He looks soooo cute!!!

Jill said...

Isn't it amazing how a haircut changes their look. He is an adorable baby.

Laura said...

He looks super cute with his new haircut.

This is one reason I want a boy. When his hair starts driving you crazy, you just buzz it all off. That's not really an option with girls.