Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ballerette Dress (pictures)

Sorry it's been awhile but I am not feeling too chatty at the moment :)

We ordered some play dresses from LTD and when they arrived they were too formal for play, but we dressed up and took pictures anyway! So here they are! Most of the edited ones are of Halle because she was the most eager :) but there are others not edited yet, but soon will be!

We are getting ready to trek down to see my family! We are counting down to our visit, just a week and a half yet, they haven't met Parker yet, and the last time they saw Sofia she was a baby! I am SO excited! So are the girls, we are already rounding things up to pack, since we won't have a lot of room in the van I've got to perfect what we take to just 2 suitcases.

Without further ado:
Halle and her Ballerette Dress!