Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sickness and Humor

We are all still sick! Halle, Parker, and Brian seem to be at the end of it! Poor Sofia is still struggling and Payton is finally coming down with something!

I watched Nights in Rodanthe tonight, AWW I love Richard Gere!
I am also PSYCHED about Race to Witch Mountain! I loved the old Disney versions, and this one looks just as good!

I thought I would share a few funny things :)
Sofia has started chatting! She walked around the house today saying what I thought to be, "I want to go to house." but she was really saying, "I want to go to Costco." HAHA
Then a little bit later she was sitting on the back of the loveseat and every car or truck that drove by she would say, "Dad's home!" then a bit later she was laying with me and she said, "Dad's at work, dad's in Lewiston." She sure is turning into a daddy's girl :)

Last night Brian was working on a knot in my shoulder and he is ROUGH! I was squirming and screeching, Payton was sitting on his lap saying, "Mom quit monkeying around!" then today she was talking to herself and I heard her say, "Not right now little missy." :)

So Halle is the biggest drama of them all! I tell her things and of course her 3.5 year old brain ignores me! I tell her not to sleep in her play shoes and sunglasses, but when I go in to cover her up, there she is, sleeping like a rockstar, sometimes with a scarf on too! Lately she is REALLY into skirts and tights. I told her a few nights ago she cannot sleep in her tights because her legs need to move around and breathe, so a few nights ago I went to Spokane for the night and when I got home Brian asked me if I let Halle sleep in her tights. I said no. He laughed and told me she had the night before, and she must have had them hiked WAY up because she could not walk on her heels, her feet hurt from being in that strange position all night :)! So with this sickness she is milking it for all she can. She lays around all day and cries and whines, she goes from her bed to the table to the couch to the recliner to the table to bed! So today I told her she needed to walk around, that she needed to move around so her sickness leaves. She whined and cried, but I was vacuuming and made her follow me around. When I saw her leaning on something or sitting I made her get up, I am SO mean!
Tomorrow will probably be worse for her, I am not going to let her mope around!