Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little bit of goings on

I knew I should have posted sooner!

Ok, so Payton is potty training-it's about time considering she will be 3 in less than a month! Her tiny little backside is covered by panties that are size 2 and they are a little baggy! She is SO funny! She usually races up the stairs while screaming, I GOT TA GO POTTY! Depending on what she is wearing it may be too late! We were standing at the sink washing our hands-she needs supervision since Santa brought AMAZING MAGICAL soap that makes everyone want to wash their hands and use the entire bottle at one washing (just can't help loving that Bubble Gum smell)

So we were standing at the counter and I said, "Payton do you need to go potty?" HAHA I am SO mad I don't remember it but she looked at me and said, "I can't believe it, how can it be possible? I'm wet!" Meaning she had already went in her panties. HAHA that made my day! SO I was just in her room, I heard her screaming something, she saw it was me and said, "I need to speak with Dad." I said, "He's not here right now, what do you need?" She looked me up and down and said, "Just send him in when he gets home." SO matter of factly! That is exactly what I say at bed or nap, "I'll send him in..." HAHA

Poor Parker! He has learned to roll from his belly to his back and when he sleeps he rolls and then wakes up because he is MAD he rolled over! So I go in and roll him back over, cover him up, and give him a binkie, almost before I get out of the room he does it again! If he weren't so round he wouldn't have that problem!

Halle is DEFINITELY 3! She has been in some trouble with her attitude lately, being destructive and defiant. We bought a Goals/Responsibilities Magnet Chart with the Christmas money Grandma Dixie sent.

Each week we talk about the upcoming weeks goals or responsibilities. This week Halle worked on Bad Language and Show Respect for 2 mentioned problems, I know, many people think it is not a big deal when the "bad language" are words like stupid, idiot, shut up...But each night before bed we go over the day's progress and the get a magnet if they made the right decision!
On Monday Halle's board is empty, she lost all of her magnets AND everything in her room but her bed! I am HAPPY to say that for the past 2 days she has full magnets! However it may have to do with my INCENTIVE! It is NOT a secret we LOVE Barbie movies around here!
There is a NEW Barbie version of Thumbelina coming out this Spring and I found these! They are adorable and actually smell like the flower they represent!

They are bracelets that also detach for a small doll!
I purchased 3 and we are EARNING them!


Ok done boring everyone!
Have a GREAT night!