Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Lesson

My oh my! It has been a tough night! Well last night I should say!

We went to Lewiston and ate at Subway and went to Costco and we took some pictures at the park in the beautiful leaves! We also went and saw Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Holly and Brayden, it is ALWAYS fun to spend time with them!
I took a few pictures for Holly you can find them below!
Brings me to my topic for today!
I LOVE to dabble in scrapbooking and photography! I am ashamed to say that most of my masterpieces or what I call masterpieces are HAPPY accidents! You've heard me talk about my dear friend Melissa and I met online a few years ago and she is SO amazing when it comes to photography and anything digital! She has helped me out a ton by walking me through and teaching me!
But I am at a point where I either need to jump or get off the fence! I need to actually learn how to do things that do not include me just pointing and clicking AND get serious. I think it will help pass my time, learning something new!
So I've enrolled in this online class: Up and Running with Photoshop! I've been contemplating the class for a few months, talked to a few previous students and think that it is about time!

SO here I go, jumping feet first!