Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parker Update and Holly Baby

My sister in law had a baby boy today!
Brayden Scott!
7 lbs 7 oz!

Parker is still in the hospital under the lights, he has a hard case of jaundice. The dr didnt say when he would get to go home but I am hoping SOON!
He is SUCH a lovely baby! He is already cooing and smiling at me and loves to look at me wide eyed! I am filled with so much love for him already!
And he's OURS!

It was finalized today!



DawLaneyBugsMom said...

I'm so glad you are bonding with Parker. I can't wait to meet your Baby Boy!

Sallie said...

So very happy for you, Amanda! I can't wait till you bring him home! I'm sure the girls are bouncing up and down waiting!

The Nielson Clan said...

We are incredibly happy for you guys! You're both a blessing to this world! We hope your little boy gets to come home soon and join the rest of the family. Congratulations again!!

Jill said...

Congratulations, Amanda! You are such an amazing person and a fabulous mother!