Monday, August 4, 2008

Truth and Consequence

Our girls love to take shots at one another and so when one of them is put in time out the other teases them. We have started telling the other, "It is none of your business you need to let us be for a few minutes" or "If you would like to sit in time out too you can join us" because sometimes they are just so cruel to one another like taking items that belongs to the one in time out and playing with it feet from them or pretending to cry and mimic...DRIVES ME CRAZY
Halle and Payton were out in the backyard today and I was watching them through the door while feeding Sofia-no not feeding that big 14 month old girl, just keeping her company :)-I saw Halle pick up a lawn chair and smack Payton in the face, it was TRUE WWF! I marched her little tail into the house and I asked her "Halle, why did you do that?" she replied, "Mama it's none of your business, its between me and Payton." HOLY BACKFIRE! I said, "Halle, everything is my business, I'm the mama, would you like me to let Payton hit you in the face with a chair?" she shrugged, "It her business." ARRRGGGGG
So natural consequence didn't work either...
I said, "Halle why are you in time out?" she said, "I hit Payton on the head with a chair and I am so very sorry and I missed you so very much when you were gone and I am so very gland you are home." HAHAHA
Payton all this time wasn't phased at all and just went on her marry way...


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