Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Moon

I knew this would happen!

So as I sit here and type I am aware of how messy my office is, empty bottles, baby and water, empty wrappers, things stewn all over the floor without a path to anywhere. The room outside my office is so overgrown with toys that you cannot see the carpet and their are clothes coating the stairs both up and down...ALL BECAUSE OF A BOOK! Its a wonder I know where my kids are these days :)

So I finished Twilight and loved it, just finished New Moon and was hard pressed to get through it until the end AND NOW I'm starting Eclipse...I dont know how much longer my house can take without attention, I guess it is a good thing Brian is too sick to see what is going on :) as long as he stays disconnected and miserable I might have a chance of finishing this book before my fate awaits with the house :)

Wish me luck


Laura said...

Good luck! Eclipse is SOOO GOOOD!! You'll have no trouble finishing it, even though it's 600 pages.

Glad New Moon came through for you. I'd suggest that you read it again to appreciate it more, but you may have to wait a while before your house and kids will allow it. ;)