Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

As today is ending I decided I'd better write the thoughts I had this morning to share with everyone.

When I was younger I celebrated Mother's Day with my sisters , making breakfast for my mom, giving her some cheap flowers, handmade ornaments or poems and her seemingly enjoyed.

Then in my teen years I was blessed with a new mom. We would go to town and eat a special dinner, I would send or bring flowers and found I couldn't give enough in the way of gifts or love to show my appreciation for her love and the blessings she brought into my life.

And now here I am. 3 years ago never dreaming I'd be blessed to be where I am today.
Happy Mother's Day to me, meaning a nurturer, playmate, disciplinarian, and well myself.

But without extraordinary amount of fate, faith, and strength I would have never been able to have this experience. I am only one of a double, two sides to the story doing my part with some amazing women making up the second side.

A tribute, a prayer of thanks, and all other ways of appreciation for this opportunity and blessings.