Monday, April 28, 2008

Up The Nose and Almost a Fire

Now that the girls each have their own rooms we have put a type of cubby shelf in their rooms to hold various toys and books.

This morning I woke up to Payton sick as a dog with a high fever and a terrible cough, she wouldnt stop crying so I got into bed with her-she usually prefers the floor-and she fell back asleep.
When she finally got woke up by Halle I noticed something wasnt right, she had shoved something up her nose! She kept crying and saying, "it hurts mama, help me please."
So I called Brian and asked him to come home and help!

After much SCREAMING and thrashing he finally got it out, and what might IT be? A screw cover on her bookshelf, a little wooden knob of a thing, fit perfectally in her nose.

SO then when I went in to get Halle this morning I noticed black marks up her wall, she had taken her night light out and somewhere found a needle and tried to stick it in the socket...SHE COULD HAVE BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN!



Laura said...

Yikes! both so scary!