Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Returning from vacation

Sorry it's been so long!
We have been on vacation-a wonderful and tragic trip in that we spent some GREAT time with my family, a GREAT time with old friends and GREAT time as a family swimming, shopping, and feeding the ducks!
Tragic because I did not get to see a dear friend I wanted to due to a work emergency we couldn't stay for the plans I had already made.

I've been taking pictures with a new small camera but no editing software so I'll post later.

Halle has been doing some funny things lately, saying things that are out of this world.
She gets into trouble talking about her bottom and to get around this now by calling it a "tail". Halle: "Mom my tail hurts."
Me: "You have a tail?"
Halle: "yes, it's right here(pointing to her bottom)"
Me: "A tail? What is it made of?"
Halle: "It's red and here (pointing again)"
Me: "Oh"