Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A more dismal portion of myself

30. I got my first F in college math my second semester, before that I'd only got C's or better.
31. I dumped my first boyfriend that was also my first kiss when I was STILL madly in love with him, he moved in with my best friend and I knew they had feelings for one another. Broke my heart.
32. I gained 30 pounds the first year I was married and in the past 6 years 30 more-I like to blame it on the infertility drugs but I just REALLY love sweets and am LAZY!
33. When I NEED a break it requires a night spent away from my family-my husband is very understanding of this and lets me take off for a day and return the next. I usually go walk the mall, eat mall food and watch one or two movies in a row!
34. I stopped wearing my retainers after I got braces and now my teeth are just as crooked as they were before braces.
35. I wore a ponytail for years in high school and when I got to college the hair around my face started to fall out from wearing my hair so tight, I spent months wearing it down to grow it back!